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Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi)

What is Wireless Fidelity - WiFi?

wifi 802.11b compliantWireless Fidelity (WiFi) [Wy-Fy] is the standard that ensures interworking of different vendors equipment in an easy-to-use, ultra high-speed Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Wireless technology liberates users; no dial-up, no plugs, no wires. Using WiFi, the most popular standard for wireless networks worldwide, DACONI provides ultra high-speed wireless networks for use within businesses and educational establishments. Our solutions start with our homewifi packages which you can browse at homewifi.

WiFi Wireless Networking deployment

wireless network diagramWiFi consists of an access point and a wireless card for the PC or laptop. As long as both components are within 100m indoors or 300m outdoors then information can be transmitted between them. It can transmit and receive information through air, walls and ceilings eliminating the need to pull wires through the building.

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Schools Special Offer

Schools Wireless Courses for ICT Technicians.

Blue Coat upgrade wireless

Daconi installed a wireless network at Blue Coat

Lease Line Replacement

Wireless link installed by Daconi at H&K

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