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Wireless Education Solutions

Upgrading to N.

New laptops, netbooks, iPhones and iPads are now being shipped with the WiFi .11n standard, giving up to 300Mbps of bandwidth up to six times better than legacy networks. Reduce your costs by allowing your staff to use their phones on your network. Gain from using a single network to deliver integrated video, voice and data services. As well as supporting legacy .11a/b/g clients the .11n standard also provides better range.

Daconi are able to help upgrade your wireless network to .11n capability. We can provide expertise to survey your school to plan coverage and identify constraints to wireless deployment, identify the quantity of equipment required and where it should be located, install wireless equipment and provide training in the management system.

.11n Benefits

  • Improved Performance; reduces wasted time accessing servers
  • Supports Multimedia; easily handles high bandwidth video and voice services
  • Secure Access; pupil and staff access can be segregated
  • Legacy support; backwards compatible with .11a/b/g
  • Improved Range; MIMO technology provides greater range compared to legacy networks

    Technology Trend

    The reducing hardware cost of netbooks when combined with the reduction of application license costs due to cloud computing, e.g. Google's Chrome OS, will soon free the ICT budget by transferring these costs to the learner. This will enable infrastructure spend to upgrade to .11n, Gigabit networking and higher capacity broadband connectivity.

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