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School WiFi Case Studies

Schools present the most challenging environment for WiFi - consider what happens when 600 students log into the network at 9:00am, or when several teachers in adjacent classrooms simultaneously stream video. The following case studies give examples of how Daconi overcome those challenges and others, helping revolutionise learning for primary and secondary schools in the Midlands.

Lawrence Sheriff School - Rugby

The school with best GCSE results in England - third time in four years uses an Extricom WiFi system installed and supported by Daconi. Download the full case study here.

Daconi provide a comprehensive wireless survey as part of all their installations.

St Christopher's Coventry - brings broadband to the classroom

St Christopher's Primary School in Coventry wanted to provide Key Stage 1 & 2 pupil's with access to the Internet in the normal classroom environment to gain instant access to learning materials. Providing access within the classroom minimizes class disruption because trips to the IT room are no longer required. Using wireless laptops allows pupils to face the teacher whilst accessing internet based resources, which encourages learning as normal pupil/teacher interaction is maintained.

Daconi installed a WiFi a/g/n compliant high performance network to cover all classrooms. A key requirement was to allow simultaneous access of up to 30 Toshiba laptops. This was achieved by deploying Extricom high performance blanket architecture tri radio (WiFi a/g/n) access points.

Gary Watson, head of IT, said "The solution Daconi provided is working well for us and their support is excellent. Part of the Daconi service was a useful wireless coverage report which shows us the connection speed we can expect in each classroom."

Daconi provide a comprehensive wireless survey as part of an installation.

About St Christopher's

St Christopher's is a 500 place Primary school, situated in the Chapelfields area of Coventry, in central England. The school is named after St Christopher, the patron saint of travellers and has Pegasus, the flying horse, as its emblem.