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Wireless Link Boosts H&K Warehouse Efficiency

1 Gpbs wireless link

H&K's new warehouse in Rugby is now connected via a 1 Gbps symmetrical ethernet link to the main factory.

H&K in Rugby have two sites (manufacturing and shipping) which were connected via a rented Kilostream (64kbps) leased line with leased Cisco compression equipment to compress voice calls and provide intra-office data communication. H&K wanted to reduce costs whilst improving intra-office communication.

140Mpbs wireless link

Daconi replaced the leased line with a point-to-point wireless link running at 140Mbps. This link simultaneously supports data traffic and carries an E1 (2.048Mbps) PABX line interface for up to 30 simultaneous voice calls.

Sri Karan, H&K IT Manager, said "This utility is working very well for us. We expect to see a return on investment of less than three years based on leased savings alone. The extra bandwidth is dramatically improving our intra-office communications."

About H&K

H&K is a leading global supplier of stainless steel kitchen equipment to the Food Service Industry. With a long-established reputation for quality products, precision manufacturing and exceptional customer support, H&K delivers flexible, value-driven restaurant equipment solutions to major customers in North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia and Asia.