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For New Income and Improved Occupancy - get a WiFi Hotspot

For only £949 ¹ your hotel could be earning £5/hr from each guest using your WiFi hotspot. This gives a return on investment of less than 190 hours. More business professionals will want to stay because you have WiFi.

Laptops which include WiFi&suptm are now shipping in large volumes and are being bought by business professionals who want (and will soon demand) broadband wireless access when travelling. Recent TV adverts from Intel and Toshiba show the benefits of wireless internet access at broadband speeds, based on the Intel Centrinotm processor.

intel wireless photo wireless laptop user Mobile internet from:

  • Lounge
  • Bar
  • Bedrooms

  • Broadband Access No Wires!

    Hotels can benefit from becoming a Wi-Fi Hotspot:

  • New revenue stream (£5 per hour is typical)
  • Improved occupancy
  • Retain customers
  • Improved bookings of meeting rooms
  • Improved image attracting high value business customers

    Why give away your revenue? With BT OpenZone (and others) you only get a fraction of the revenue. Uniquely Daconi do not take a share in revenue, all income you earn is 100% yours.

    Daconi are Coventry-based and specialise in wireless. Daconi can tailor a wireless solution to meet your needs from single public area to complete hotel coverage.

    Start earning now - personalised single hotspot installation ¹ - £949 - offer valid up to end March 2007. To register your interest click here

    ¹ includes Proxim public access point, broadband modem, installation and personalisation, ex. VAT.
    Centrino is a trade mark of the Intel corporation.
    Wi-Fi is a trade mark of the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance who certify wi-fi compliant equipment.

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    13 December, 2018