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Wireless Services

Daconi provide the following professional wireless services:

  • Wireless Consultancy: wireless expertise to provide wireless technology advice, outline strategic options available and identify cost constraints
  • Wireless Solution Design: provides wireless expertise to turn customers requirements into a bespoke wireless design
  • Wireless Configuration: programs deployed equipment and verifies performance
  • Wireless Troubleshooting: measures and analyse an existing wireless installation, make/recommend changes to optimise wireless performance
  • Wireless Surveying: survey a customers site to plan a new wireless installation

    All wireless services are undertaken by Daconi's professional engineers who carry Safety Passports and applicable insurances. Daconi are Siemens Industry and Automation partners and have fulfilled professional services for the following clients:

    Airbus logo Bentley Motors logo Celsa logo GKN logo Nissan UK logo Pearsons Distribution Pilsner Urquell logo Tata logo Tesco logo

    Wireless Consultancy

    Daconi's wireless consultancy service is focused on providing wireless expertise to aid resolution of your requirements. From defining a strategy for migration from legacy networks to 4G wireless; to providing specific wireless technology advice on the constraints of a particular product; we clearly outline the options available to enable informed choices to be made.

    Wireless Solution Design

    Daconi's wireless solution design service translates your requirements into a solution that can be implemented by your installers. The design service translates your wireless application into a bespoke wireless design which specifies:

  • a bill of materials - details the equipment required
  • a deployment plan - details the location for the equipment
  • a configuration report - details the operational parameter settings

    Wireless Configuration

    Daconi's wireless configuration service is used when your installers lack the knowledge or confidence to implement the configuration required by a solution design. The service programs the deployed equipment and verifies the performance meets/exceeds the performance required for by your application.

    Wireless Troubleshooting

    Daconi's wireless troubleshooting service is used to identify the source of problems with an existing wireless network deployment and to propose a solution. This is achieved by measuring the performance of the wireless network in terms of coverage, spectrum usage and actual throughput achieved. These results are then analysed and recommendations to optimise wireless performance are made. Recommendations can range from minor configuration changes which can be made immediately through to relocation/upgrade of equipment.

    Wireless Surveying

    Daconi's wireless surveying service is used to aid specification of a new wireless installation and is a key input to the wireless solution design service. The advantages of performing a wireless survey are:

  • to save cost - eliminates wrong installation costs and reduces operational downtime
  • to determine the minimum amount of equipment
  • to specify where to install the equipment - check installation restrictions, e.g. cabling, mounting, power
  • to define what wireless spectrum can be used
  • to ensure that critical areas are covered

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